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Eða eitthvað allt annað by G-Jákvæður

Eða eitthvað allt annað by G-Jákvæður is his first Möller Records release, written and recorded in two roughly 3 hour sessions in March 2021. Attempting to make a soundtrack for a documentary film, the recordings progressed into an album, an immensely chill ambient soundscapes, broken up by hip hop beats and occasional bird songs.

G-Jákvæður is Geirharður Þorsteinsson also known to some as Octopus Fabulous and Zero-G. His musical journey started at an early age, taking flute lessons at the age of seven and later adding guitar into the mix. After a few years of frustration stemming from a lack of rock n’ roll spirit in the teaching room, he dropped out of music school returning a few years later to the stage rapping and producing hip-hop. Later, inspired and influenced by the Icelandic Andartak, Geirharður got lured into the world of hardware electronic music production.

Releases June 29, 2021. Written and produced by Geirharður Þorsteinsson. Mastered by Sindri Freyr Steinsson. Many thanks go to Sindri Freyr Steinsson, for the reel-to-reel machine and mastering, and Arnór Kári Egilsson for the feedback and spiritual support. CAT: HELGA103. Listen to Eða eitthvað allt annað on Spotify.

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