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Refurinn by Grúska Babúska

Refurinn by Grúska Babúska. From the album Tor (2018). Music, recording and production by Grúska Babúska, co-mixing and additional recordings by Stefán. Gruska babuska is a 4 piece Icelandic all female band, with an out-of-space wonky, electronic, synth, melodic, acoustic and twisted icelandic other-wordly fairytale sound.

Album Tor was released on Möller Records in 2018. The album is influenced by the mystical sounds of Glastonbury, a remote town in Somerset, in the SouthEastern part of England. Glastonbury is surrounded with goddesses, landscape Zodiacs, ancient myths, holy relics and heroic legends - dating back to the middle ages. The holy Glastonbury Tor was a center for pilgrimage, and has been associated with the Avalon, and identified with King Arthur and the holy grail.

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