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Ský by Yown

Ský (Clouds) by Yown (Jón Friðgeir Sigurðsson) is a carefully crafted and beautiful journey in tone and texture, delivering an atmospheric sense of calmness and ambience. Ský is the first album by Yown, written during sleepless nights in Berlin. Approached with minimalistic intent, the outcome is a consonant harmony and engaging reiteration of musical phrases instilling a mindful sense of peace. Album is also available on Spotify and any of your favorite listening app.

Released August 22nd, 2023. Written and Produced by - Jón Friðgeir Sigurðsson. Mastering - Frosti Jónsson at URD MUSIK. Album cover - Margrét Jónsdóttir. CAT: Helga108

Ský 0

Opening track from the album Ský (Cloud) by Yown (Jón Friðgeir Sigurðsson).

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