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Subminimal and Tranquil collaborate on Kinematics

Kinematics is a collaboration project between two generations of Icelandic drum´n bass producers, Tranquil and Subminimal, and it covers the whole spectrum of drum´n bass and jungle, deep minimal halftime beats to breakbeat rollers with roaring basslines and everything in between.

Tranquil was formed in 2012 by 3 friends who all shared a love for Jungle and Drum n Bass and since then they have released a couple of EP´s and their debut album “20 Years Too Late”, as well as appearing on compilation albums such as the Helga series from Möller Records and Icebreaker from Agatone Music

Subminimal, a veteran in the Icelandic drum´n bass scene having released successful EP´s and his debut LP “Sinian” on various labels and done remixes for Samaris and Justice and Metro.

Released May 20, 2020. All tracks written by Tjörvi Óskarsson, Arnar Grétarsson, Asmir Fazlovic. Mixed by Arnar Grétarsson. Mastered by Tjörvi Óskarsson. Artwork by Tjörvi Óskarsson & Blender Foundation - Cover designed by Tjörvi Óskarsson

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