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Möller Records nominations for Kraumur Music Awards

Since Möller Records took off in 2011 we´ve proudly released albums that have received well earned attention and (sometimes) some nominations. The Kraumur Music Awards, organized by the Kraumur Music Fund in Iceland, has shortlisted best albums being released in Iceland since 2008. Möller Records has made it to the Kraumur Awards list six times, lets have a look at those albums.

Gilsbakki by Skurken. Nominated in 2011.

LP by Futuregrapher. Nominated in 2012.

Crystal Lagoon (EP) by Futuregrapher, Gallery Six & Veronique. Nominated in 2013.

Apeshedder by Gunnar Jónsson Collider. Nominated in 2015.

Eitt by Jón Ólafsson and Futuregrapher. Nominated in 2015

Constructive Metabolism by Andartak. Nominated in 2020.

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