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Reflections Vol.03

The "Reflections" album series, released by Möller Records, shines a spotlight on the vibrant electronic music scene in Iceland and Icelandic artists. Reflections Vol.3 features four tracks from four established Möller Records artists, each with their distinct style and perspective. These are Bistro Boy, Steve Sampling, Subminimal and Duv Tales. Reflections Vol.3 invites listeners to explore the intricacies of Icelandic electronic music, offering a refreshing departure from the ordinary and a deep dive into the extraordinary.

About the artist

Duv Tales (Egill Örn Hermannsson) is an Icelandic artist and producer living in Norway. After multiple different projects spanning many genres ranging Dub-step, Hip-Hop, House and even playing guitar and synth in an electronic Punk band, Egill decided to create Duv Tales to be a genre-crossing project.

Subminimal (Tjörvi Óskarsson) a veteran in the Icelandic drum´n bass scene having released successful EP´s and his debut LP “Sinian” on various labels and done remixes for Samaris and Justice and Metro.

Steve Sampling is an Icelandic music producer active for well over a decade in the Reykjavik music scene. He moved to Berlin in 2015 where he continues to produce music and acts as one of the managers of Möller Records.

Bistro Boy (Frosti Jonsson) is best known for his ambient-infused soundscapes and downtempo electronica, named “one of the most creative Icelandic electronic projects that can use sounds to remove weight and gravity from reality".

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