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The Tape Dope Collage

The Tape Dope Collage by J-Jákvæður is a collection of songs and jams recorded onto various old cassettes between 2018-2021. The songs were later processed digitally and woven into a single flow, taking the listener on a trip through chill, party vibes, aggression, psychedelia and daoist alchemical poetry.

G-Jákvæður is Geirharður Þorsteinsson also known to some as G-PoZ, Octopus Fabulous and Zero-G. His musical journey started at an early age, taking flute lessons at the age of seven and later adding guitar into the mix. After a few years of frustration stemming from a lack of rock n’ roll spirit in the teaching room, he dropped out of music school returning a few years later to the stage rapping, producing hip-hop, punk, metal and various experimental sounds. Later, inspired and influenced by the local Icelandic electronic music scene , Geirharður got lured into the world of hardware electronic music production.

Album release date: August 10th, 2022. Album Credits: Tracks Written and Produced by Geirharður Þorsteinsson. Mastered by Frosti Jonsson at URD MUSIK. Artwork by Geirharður Þorsteinsson.

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