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Reflections Vol​.​01

Reflections Vol.01 features artists who have been on the forefront of Icelandic electronica, Orang Volante and Subminimal. Orang Volante (Atli Már Þorvaldsson) is a producer and DJ from Reykjavík, known for his love of synthesizers, analog hardware and sharp productions. Subminimal (Tjörvi Óskarsson) is a veteran in the Icelandic drum'n bass scene, know for his deep grooves and ambient atmospheres.

Tracks 1-3 Written and Produced by Atli Már Þorvaldsson. Tracks 4-7 Written and Produced by Tjörvi Óskarsson. Mastered by Frosti Jonsson @ URD MUSIK. Album cover by Stefan Olafsson Stefansson.

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